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29 & 30 May 2024

2022 features and seminars

Wednesday 1 June 2022

17:30 - 18:30

seminar room

Brussels – a case study for a sustainable city

Sustainability is more than ecology or energy consumption. It also translates into architectural interventions in which reuse, productivity or social inclusion are central. That is why A+ is inviting the architects Annekatrien Verdict (Architectuurplatform), Harold Fallon (AgwA), Dieter Leyssen (51N4E) and Jan de Moffarts (Altstadt) to give a series of short presentations followed by a debate on the theme of 'Sustainable City'. They will present the projects for which they were also nominated for the Brussels Architecture Prize: the Building Materials Village on the canal, ECAM in Ixelles, Stam Europa in the European Quarter and Gare Maritime in Tours & Taxis. After the presentations, the architects will engage in a debate, moderated by Lisa De Visscher, editor-in-chief of A+ Architecture in Belgium.

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Seminar in Dutch and French

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