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Spring 2026

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Architectural Charity Quiz: Masterminds of architecture

Wednesday 29 May
12:30 - 13:30


Physical and online quiz for two good architectural causes


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CONSTRUCTION IV by Conrad Willems

Conrad is a sculptor living in Ghent, Belgium. His work is characterised by geometry, repetition and modularity, resulting in a highly recognisable visual language. "Construction IV" consists of 500 sandstone building blocks and a framed hand-drawn construction drawing. 

EXHIBIT by MaterialDistrict

At the "Super Skins" exhibition, specially curated for ARCHITECT@WORK, MaterialDistrict will show a wide range of over 120 high-quality, innovative and sustainable material samples. Whether it is the façade of buildings or the finish of interior objects, surface designs can turn good design into something fantastic. They can protect the underlying materials, purify the air, or simply 'finish' the space with their looks.

PROJECT WALL selected by

For the fifth time, World-Architects is showcasing a curated project exhibition at ARCHITECT@WORK. The exhibition highlights a total of 40 works by platform members from around the world, with a special emphasis on lightweight construction and the principles of simplicity in building.


DAPh creates the right stage for architects and building projects to translate their vision and stories into images.


Architects and concrete experts have embarked on a quest to find innovative applications for prefabricated concrete, not limited to concrete projects, but without any barriers. What do the designers dream of, and what do they want to experiment with alongside architects and concrete experts? How can they take concrete "to the next level"?


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