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EXHIBIT by MaterialDistrict


Whether it is the façade of buildings or the finish of interior objects, surface designs can turn good design into something fantastic. They can protect the underlying materials, purify the air, or simply 'finish' the space with their looks.


Super Skins exhibition

At the "Super Skins" exhibition, specially curated for ARCHITECT@WORK, MaterialDistrict will show a wide range of over 120 high-quality, innovative and sustainable material samples. "Super Skins" brings together materials from leading manufacturers, designers and architects that offer new possibilities for thinking about the surfaces of buildings and interiors. The materials are both functional and aesthetic, with the potential to transform the built environment, such as high-performance ceramics, advanced composites and intelligent materials and coatings that respond to their environment. The "Super Skins" exhibition is an opportunity for architects and designers to explore the potential of new surface materials and discover how they can be integrated into their projects. Whether creating a striking façade for a commercial building or designing an innovative interior space, the materials on display at the exhibition offer endless possibilities for creativity and innovation.

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