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29 & 30 May 2024


First edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels will be Future-Proof

9 February 2022

Every ARCHITECT@WORK is organised under a predetermined theme and this will be no difference for the very first edition of the event in Brussels, which will take place two years later than originally planned due to the pandemic. On the 1st and 2nd of June 2022 in Tour & Taxis the theme for the visiting (interior) architects will be 'Future-Proof'.

Future-Proof is a perfect fit in an era in which change is measured in seconds and in which architects and designers are increasingly required to present projects with a long lifespan. The aim of this theme is to demonstrate to professionals how they can take the lead in future-proofing projects.

The theme Future-Proof will be translated on the various peripheral features that traditionally surround the ARCHITECT@WORK event, such as the presentation of future-proof materials. According to ARCHITECT@WORK’s custom, the seminar programme in Tour & Taxis will play a leading role. In a particularly extensive seminar programme, which is currently being composed, the central theme will form the leitmotif.

ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels will take place on a redeveloped industrial site next to the former goods station “Gare Maritime” and the warehouse “Royal Depot. This first Brussels edition will take place in the sheds 1 and 2 at Tour & Taxis.

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