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100th edition of ARCHITECT@WORK in Kortrijk breaks all records

17 May 2019

On Thursday 9 and Friday 10 May a party was held in Kortrijk Xpo. At that time, the hundredth edition of this total concept, which not only covers Europe, but even beyond, took place in its hometown of Kortrijk.
People were eagerly awaiting what this party edition would bring, but the end result exceeded even the wildest expectations. Especially during the first day a phenomenal increase was recorded: +17.5% compared to the previous edition in Kortrijk two years ago.
With a similar result on Friday as in 2017. This means that 6,017 unique visitors were clocked in, setting an 'all time' record.
"The figures confirm the good feelings we had during ARCHITECT@WORK. But frankly, we didn't expect the increase to be so big," responds Group Exhibition Manager Nathalie Sandra.
"What is especially important is the massive presence of our target audience, especially architects and interior designers. They especially appreciated the total concept of ARCHITECT@WORK, which is focused on offering only innovative products in an environment maximally oriented towards the target group and personal contact. All this in a setting in which a well-balanced peripheral programme and accompanying catering make the visit as pleasant and efficient as possible."
The next Belgian A@W edition will take place in Tour & Taxis on 13 and 14 May 2020.

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