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Spring 2026

Features and seminars 2024

Wednesday 29 May 2024

13:30 - 14:30

Nature skin: de natuur als veerkrachtige, regeneratieve huid

Eva Heuts (VIBE)
Koen Van Delsen (Murmuur Architecten)
Bart Bleys (Buildwise)
Moderator: Rik Neven


What are the best strategies to prepare our buildings and public spaces for climate change? This crucial question is the focus of the Green Deal "Klimaatbestendige omgeving" seminar.

In cooperation with the Flemish Environment Agency and the Flemish Government's Environment Department, we will dive into the possibilities of climate-proofing our environment. Integrating nature in construction and urban development projects is essential for this approach. Using specific cases and a panel discussion, the speakers will explain exactly what such a climate-proof approach means.


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